Monitoring and managing the health and absence of our children

ZibdyHealth - connecting schools and families to improve the health of our children.

-- For Parents - Connecting with schools allows schools to better keep track of your child’s health, and be prepared for any emergencies that may arise.

-- For School Nurses - Up-to-date medical information including doctor's contact and medication reminders for each and every child in the school only few clicks away - No more data entry.

-- For School Administrators - Connecting schools with their students through ZibdyHealth provides a uniform way to monitor the causes of school absences and better manage the health of schoolchildren.

This health application includes care plan for asthma and support for diabetes.

ZibdyHealth School Absence Module based on - NIH Funded Pilot Project in the Poway School District using a Phone Tree to Evaluate the Reasons Behind Absences.

Research shows that absence hurts the absent the most. It's time to adopt technology designed to fix this problem.

In the article "Schools work to combat absenteeism", absence is linked to literacy issues and increased risk of dropping out. Implement a user designed platform to connect parents to the child's school and maintain two-way communication about the most important issues.

Loss of Funding Due to Elementary School Truancy

Actual loss is higher due to chronic absence which is not part of truancy. source: California Attorney General's Office

ZibdyHealth - a uniform way to monitor school absence causes and better manage the health of schoolchildren.

Connecting your child's welfare to her school has never been easier.


Manage Attendance

ZibdyHealth only takes a few clicks to provide schools with important attendance information.


Share important health changes

Parents have real-time control of childs health record.


Put data to work

School administrators can now manage illness outbreaks at their earliest signs.


Quick setup

Designed to be easy to setup, quick to use and valuable for parents and school administrators.

Follow these steps to create a ZibdyHealth Account & connect to your child's school.


Create a ZibdyHealth Account (setup)


Add child under Associations (setup)


Under child association add school (setup)


From parent's account select Schools, then the child's name


Select absence reason & submit attendance info

No Data Entry For Schools - absences are sent prepared, so administrators spend time effectively analyzing and addressing the causes.

How attendance is currently recorded.

Depending on the school there is likely a different process for recording attendance and this does not guarantee an ability to identify chronic absenteeism.

Phone Call

Phone calls can pose language barriers, be prone to recording errors and frustrating when dealing with automated machines.


Many schools use an HTML link leaving the parent without a template of required information, increasing report error.


Handwritten note signed by parent or guardian. This method takes time and requires record input by schools.


ZibdyHealth organizes the attendance information and presents a consistent form for thorough collection.

Once parents setup their account submitting attendance records takes only seconds.

Sick child?

Notify his school from ZibdyHealth with a single form with all the necessary information.

Select the Child

Add your child to your ZibdyHealth account select her school, fill-in her personal information and agree to the terms & conditions.

Get a confirmation

Get an immediate confirmation when you notify the school and an email

More than sharing health related absence information, ZibdyHealth allows parents to update the most current medical needs of the child.