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Life is better when you and your family are healthy.

ZibdyHealth enables you to achieve good health, by making it easier to consolidate your medical records or help you create medical records if no EMR is available, help with caregiving, track your medications, vital signs and maintain a detailed health history.

Changing Needs of Healthcare

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Pharmacogenomics Warning

Drugs are mostly tested on a large population of people, and sometimes this testing population may not look like you at all. Personalized medicine is based on an individual's genetic profile to make the best therapeutic choice by facilitating predictions, about whether that person will benefit from a particular medicine or suffer serious side effects.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is all about how a person's genetic makeup can affect their response to a drug. It helps us to choose the drugs and drug doses that are likely to work best for that particular person - for example there is the potential, based on genetics, for adjusting the dosage or choosing a different drug.

While there is so much potential for PGx, genomic test information is given to the patient or their doctor as a PDF, which is not searchable and can't be analyzed. A PhD in genetics is needed to understand the importance of the information the way most reports are drafted. There is no integration with clinical data. Quite frankly reports given to the consumer are a mess.

To democratize genomics, ZibdyHealth has addressed this by integrating clinical and genomics information. It makes it simple and useful. It helps you and your doctor choose the right meds and doses, at the right time. Learn more Blog.

Smart HIE

ZibdyHealth Smart HIE

ZibdyHealth now offers a new approach to exchange healthcare information with the patient in control. It can import patient medical history from any EMR, consolidate it and make it available to the patient to analyze or share it back with their doctors. Our free suite of tools helps patients manage their own or their loved ones health, assist healthcare providers with discharge instructions and transitions of care when a patient moves from acute-care facility to sub-acute facility (or home) as well as helping with medication compliance, or remote monitoring.

Our “Smart HIE” offers a global approach so it is not limited in a small geographical area or a limited number of EMRs for connectivity. A patient can get their records by downloading the Continuation of Care document (CCD) from their healthcare providers’ patient portal and uploading into ZibdyHealth to consolidate patient data from different sources. Our users can use report features to download a CCD or PDF version of their medical history to upload into other systems e.g. a VA hospital patient can download their CCD from “myHealthVet” and upload into ZibdyHealth to share it with doctors outside VA medical system.

You can get step-by-step instructions to download your CCD from your healthcare provider here. Watch our video learn different ways ZibdyHealth “Smart HIE” can help you.

Lab Test and Radiology

Don't waste time and money. Approximately 20% of patients encounter duplicate testing when visiting multiple doctors, avoid this cost.

Now you can store all your lab tests in one place and access them from anywhere. You can input data manually or simply use our medical records consolidation feature to import the medical record, CCD document. Your lab or doctor can give you the CCD document.

We have built lab panels for you that pull together related sets of laboratory results, so you can review them simultaneously. The display allows you to quickly see which results are in the normal range, or how abnormal a result is. ZibdyHealth will also allow you to track trends in laboratory results over time. Thus one can monitor changes in cholesterol over time, and see what effects any medications may have had.

The sharing feature of ZibdyHealth allows you to also link together with other friends and family who can monitor laboratory results from a distance. For example, if you have an elderly parent living across the country that has diabetes, you will be able to monitor blood sugars for trends, to identify problems before things get out of hand.

The mismanagement of patients’ test results is a subtle but potentially harmful error common to primary care. You can also share this data with your physician, so he or she can monitor these changes and make more informed decisions on how to manage your care. This can be very useful if you are obtaining blood work in multiple medical systems, or from a system that your physician is not linked to. You will be able to provide a table of lab results with dates and times. If you also use ZibdyHealth to record your medication intake, the physician will be able to use the timing of medications, (eg. insulin) in relation to the laboratory results (eg. blood sugar) to optimize the timing and dosage of those medications. Blog

Consolidate and Harmonize Your Medical Records


Transfer your Medical Information from Doctor to Doctor, or Hospital to Hospital in a secure electronic format using ZibdyHealth.

The transfer of Electronic Health Records (EHR) requires a private secure system that can also maintain the integrity of the information. BlueButton+ is a standard developed by Medicare and the Veterans Administration which allows this type of medical information transfer. This ensures interoperability of your healthcare data.

ZibdyHealth lets you produce reports of your data in the BlueButton+ standard, as well as bring hospital BlueButton+ documents into your own ZibdyHealth account.

This means you can accurately let your doctor or hospital stay up to date with any OTC meds you have taken, or any treatment you have received from care providers in different systems or places (e.g. emergency care). This simple secure system, will help to make sure your care providers are making decisions based on “all” of the available information. Blog

Medication List

Bag Of Patient Medications ZibdyHealth Medications List

Don't carry your medications in a grocery bag to your next doctor's appointment. ZibdyHealth can help you create a medication list shown on the right in less than 5 minutes.

The ZibdyHealth scan function ensures a greater reliability of accuracy as it greatly reduces user input errors. ZibdyHealth will display your current medication list easily, highlighting all of the pertinent information relevant to your healthcare provider.

You can even share it with your caregiver or family member if they have a ZibdyHealth account, otherwise you can create an PDF and email it to them. Blog

Medication Reminders


Never forget to take your medicine again.

ZibdyHealth gives you four different ways to be reminded when it's time to take a medication:

  • Smartphone alarm
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Phone Call

You simply choose the option(s) that works best for you. Video

ZibdyHealth also provides vaccine reminders based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended vaccine schedules. This is a worry free way to manage your child's vaccinations.

What is the cost of non-adherence to drug regimens?

Approximately 125,000 deaths annually are attributed to non-adherence - twice the number killed each year in automobile accidents.

Up to 11% of hospital admissions and 40% of nursing home admissions are due to lack of adherence.

The direct and indirect costs of non-adherence total approximately $177 billion per year in the United States.


Caring for loved ones is easier and more accurate with ZibdyHealth.

Caring for loved ones at home - whether they are recovering from a hospital stay, or have chronic medical conditions – can be a real challenge. The caregiver must keep track of the patient’s medications, allergies, treatment schedules, appointments, as well keeping an eye out for danger signs.

Monitoring for interactions between complex medical regimens and over the counter treatments for symptoms, such as Tylenol for a headache or Nyquil for a cold, is another key task. Caregiving is often a full time job – a huge task when trying to also maintain a day job.

ZibdyHealth can coordinate many of these issues in one simple easy to use application. The caregiver simply links his or her account to the patient’s account within ZibdyHealth.

The caregiver can maintain the patient’s medications list, check drug-drug interactions for the patient, initiate (and receive if appropriate) reminders for the patient’s medications, as well as record details for upcoming appointments.

If the patient must have his or her vital signs checked regularly (ie blood pressure, blood glucose), ZibdyHealth allows these to be quickly and simply recorded with an automatic time stamp. ZibdyHealth again makes recording all of this simple, and also allows the caregiver to quickly produce reports – in either pdf format or BlueButton+ (EHR) format to give to the doctor.

ZibdyHealth really is the ideal caregiver’s assistant! Blog

Drug Interactions

Prescription drugs are now the No.1 accidental killer in the U.S. -- CNN

"Among 2712 patients aged 65 years or older recruited at hospital admission, 1642 (60.5%) were exposed to at least one potential DDI and 512 (18.9%) to at least one potentially severe DDI. Among 2314 patients discharged, 1598 (69.1%) were exposed to at least one potential DDI and 1561 (24.2%) to at least one potentially severe DDI." --

ZibdyHealth helps you identify potentially harmful interactions between the drugs you are planning to take such as prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbal or vitamin products, and the drugs you are currently taking. It automatically checks new medications for interactions with your current medications list - even before you buy them if you scan them in the drug store.

In addition, the components (active ingredients) within different medications can often be the same - leading to the possibility of overdoses. ZibdyHealth checks for this as well.

ZibdyHealth can help reduce medication errors such as omissions, duplications, dosing errors and drug-interactions during transition of care. It will help all caregivers know patient’s medications.

Family Medical History


Family medical records, at your fingertips.

It happens every time you visit the doctor's office: they want your complete family medical history. Do you always remember everything about each person in your family?

If your father or mother had a particular health issue, odds are you may have it too. Likewise, our children may face the same issues as they grow older.

ZibdyHealth lets you track each generation's response to medications, which ultimately gives you a map to what medicines are likely to work for you and your children. This can save a lot of trial and error – which itself is a waste of time and money, and causes unnecessary suffering.

Smarter, more efficient health care. It's about time! Blog

Treatment Response

Build an archive of your responses to medication

Without your own medical history or your family medical history, your physician has to work like a detective to diagnose your illness and find a starting point to treat it. Take the example of an individual diagnosed with high blood pressure whose physican has to choose a drug(s) from more than six classes of medication. According to the Mayo Clinic,

"Sometimes finding the most effective medication - or combination of drugs - is a matter of trial and error".

With records of responses to treatments available as part of your shared family medical history, your physician has a much better starting point in finding you the most effective prescription for your condition.

Mayo Clinic on "High blood pressure (hypertension)". URL accessed July 23, 2012.

Manage Your ASthma Better!


We all have difficulty recalling care instructions from our health care providers. An Asthma Action Plan (AAP) provides instruction on how to self-manage one’s asthma. It guides the appropriate use of medications, and records when worsening symptoms occur allowing you to identify and avoid exposure to allergens and irritants that can bring about one’s asthma symptoms.

ZibdyHealth’s Asthma Action Plan is based on both symptoms and peak expiratory flow rates. While most of us prefer a symptom-based AAP, we included peak flow readings in asthma action plans for patients who are poor perceivers of asthma symptoms.

Your asthma action plan provides clear instructions to you or family about what should be done, when, for different degrees of symptoms and different peak expiratory flow rates. It helps one identify and manage asthma symptoms, and guides when to contact your care provider.

Earlier detection of asthma symptoms and flares allows for earlier intervention. This timely and appropriate intervention translates into reductions in unscheduled doctor’s office or emergency department visits.

For children, ZibdyHealth makes it easy to share AAP among parents, child’s physician, school nurses, and school-based health centers.

To learn more on how ZibdyHealth can help you track and manage your asthma, please read our blog and help section. Blog


Telemedicine is much more effective if the doctor has access to your medical history when he is evaluating you. For online and video consultations, making this information available simply and quickly is critical.

ZibdyHealth has a built in sharing feature which will let you share all or part of your medical history with any doctor anywhere regardless of what technology you are using to communicate with this doctor, whether it is an online app, video conferencing such as Skype or our favorite, good old phone.

A quick scan of your records during a e-consultation will provide tremendous insight to the physician on how to tailor his or her consultation to be useful and efficient.

ZibdyHealth communicates with most EMRs allowing you to consolidate your medical data. Therefore you can build and organize your entire medical history in one place then decide what information and for how long you would like to share it based on your needs. You can share your data for the duration of the online visit and stop sharing with single click after your call or visit is finished. Blog