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It's time for a change in how we manage our health. Healthcare becomes more effective when patients are empowered to take more responsibility, and can be in partnership with their healthcare providers.

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Your information is incredibly valuable to you and the ones who matter most, your family. There is no better way to inform your loved ones of pertinent Family Medical History then to create a network with your own family members and share this information, read more...
Enabling people around the world to better manage their health through a single application. Join us!
A dedicated team of doctors, developers, data scientists and designers creating a solution for better health care monitoring.

Global database

  • ZibdyHealth has developed a database of prescription drugs (branded and generics), OTC drugs, vitamins and supplements from around the world.

  • No matter where you live or travel we are there to support you in your health needs along the way.

  • We are working constantly to improve our medication database that is now over a 1,000,000 product entries and adding more daily!

  • Get important feedback instantly when managing any medication list with ZibdyHealth.

  • This all adds up to a platform that can provide clear, easy-to-understand information about drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions in seconds.

ZibdyHealth is HIPAA and CMIA compliant. We use 256-bit AES encryption, no data stored on the mobile device and all the data is encrypted in-transit, on our servers and backups.